Thank You

Thank you for taking the prayer pledge!

We are grateful that you will be joining us on June 27th as we pray and petition our God for those who share our faith but not our freedom.

Since you took the pledge, we are sending you a One With Them bracelet. As you wear the bracelet throughout the month of June and beyond, may it remind you to stop and pray for our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned, held captive, or adjusting to life and healing from trauma after being released.

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read stories of christian captives

The number one request of persecuted Christians is prayer. Read their stories and pray for our brothers and sisters who share our faith, but not our freedom.

Lucina’s Story

Lucina didn’t choose to get married when she was 19. She was studying to become a doctor. When another girl asked if she’d like to come home to study with her, Lucina agreed. The offer turned out to be a trap.

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